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CHAT is the official comment section on . CHAT page

Great CHAT War IEdit

A war between the two factions of ZAC, and the denziens of the "Domain" (room), and their great prophet Savis117. It began with the prophets attempt to expand the Domain's Territory into CHAT. It started with a simple AmA. Soon after, ZAC posted his own. The war had begun.

After the prophet's outstanding victory in the AmA, another CHAT Topic was created celebrating the victory. After another attempt at expansion occurred, a catastrophe occurred for the noble and just of the world.

ZAC, had declared himself the winner of the first great war. Savis was forced to retreat back into the domain, with all the territory obtained by him up for grabs. The last anyone saw him was a simple post in the aftermath of the later CHAT Topic, of the following gif:

However, while ZAC remains the current overseer of CHAT, it is rumored that Savis is amassing another army for the Domain.

Great CHAT War IIEdit

The prophet was brutally beaten by Zac and his overwhelming powers of righteousness and justice.

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