Internet Box Podcast RTX 2012 Panel was a live event featuring all the members of the podcast together in one spot. The panel was streamed on Twitch TV, in the Red Base room at RTX.

Ray's Birthday VideoEdit

The podcast has talked about the video that was made for Ray's birthday but wasn't released for everyone several times. This video was shown duing the start of the panel to everyone on the projection scene. It can also be viewed on their YouTube channel. Watch Ray's Birthday Video here!


The livestream had audio problems from the beginning, audio was choppy and sometimes would even go out. The chat exploded with people wanting the audio a fixed and luckily staff member TheRunGun was out to fix the audio. He said that the cables were bad and they needed to get new ones. Finally the sound comes in clear at 38:54 minutes into the stream!

Internet Box Panel RTX 2012 Highlights The parts that actually had audio46:25

Internet Box Panel RTX 2012 Highlights The parts that actually had audio

This is a video of the parts that had sound.

Watch the full stream here!

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