Internet Box Shorts

The Internet Box Shorts are a collection of animated shorts taken from episodes of the Internet Box Podcast. They are made by Amy.


Markers is a short based on a discussion that Dylon started about coloring and Mike's fascination of their smell from Episode 18.

Internet Box Shorts Markers00:42

Internet Box Shorts Markers


Chair was created from a story Andrew was telling about the time in school when he had to play the role as "the chair that broke" in the Goldylocks play from Episode 20.

Internet Box Shorts Chair00:58

Internet Box Shorts Chair


Bones was based on the argument by Mike that you should eat people bones to get calcium on Episode 10.

Internet Box Shorts Bones00:35

Internet Box Shorts Bones

Ping PongEdit

Ping Pong was based on the conversation everyone had about Andrew's liking of videos where girls shoot ping pong balls out of ther vagina from Episode 16.

Internet Box Shorts Ping Pong00:36

Internet Box Shorts Ping Pong


The "Psycho" short from Episode 21 depicts how Mike's pysche fractures.
Internet Box Shorts Midnight Mike00:53

Internet Box Shorts Midnight Mike

midnight mike

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