Justin, also known as "J Dog", "J Money", or simply "J$" has been a guest on 2 official internet box episodes. J Money also opened the RTX 2014 Panel; resulting in a massive failure. J Dog was supposed to open the RTX panel pretending that none of the other Internet Box members showed up, followed by the traditional "Big Booty Bitches" soundtrack. However, Trevor failed to play a simple video file thus "Ruining the illusion' according to Michael Jones.

Episodes Edit

Season 1, Year 3
Episode # Subtitle Original Airdate
113 The Internet Box dies on Christmas this week! 12/30/2013
114 The Internet Box wins an award again this week? 1/6/2014
RTX Panels
Episode # Subtitle Original Airdate
2014 RTX Panel 2014 9/6/2014

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