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    Hello Emptiness

    December 27, 2015 by Imdill3

    Hello Emptiness! My goal is to make good articles for all 123 Episodes and any created after that. To contribute to that goal I plan on redoing some outdated script, adding missing info, and making the environment look more friendly. This 'more or less' blog is really notes to myself and anyone who is interested in contributing over the next couple of months. When I started my goal was to finish/fix everything before Season 2. Even not knowing the exact date Season 2 is starting, I'm not entirely sure this is going to happen. We'll have to see!!!

    I have redone Template:Navbox/Cast, Template:Navbox/Episodes, and Template:Person Infobox. The Infobox on all Episodes is now Template:EpisodeBox. We actually had 3 seperate Templates for Episodes …

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