Hello Emptiness! My goal is to make good articles for all 123 Episodes and any created after that. To contribute to that goal I plan on redoing some outdated script, adding missing info, and making the environment look more friendly. This 'more or less' blog is really notes to myself and anyone who is interested in contributing over the next couple of months. When I started my goal was to finish/fix everything before Season 2. Even not knowing the exact date Season 2 is starting, I'm not entirely sure this is going to happen. We'll have to see!!!


I have redone Template:Navbox/Cast, Template:Navbox/Episodes, and Template:Person Infobox. The Infobox on all Episodes is now Template:EpisodeBox. We actually had 3 seperate Templates for Episodes before and none of them used the future-proof Wikia CSS. Also, all Cast now have an Episode List with new templates on those.

Episode Format

There are 5 things that should be added to any episode page that is missing them.


So far, many have outdated Infoboxes and should have Template:EpisodeBox replace the outdated ones manually. Unfortunately, the older ones simply did not have enough reasons to retroactively transfer them into the new script.


Next a Notable section will probably be added to most Episodes e.g:

  • "This episode contains the first mention of Patricia.


Galleries are a hard thing to do for audio-specific podcasts. Personally, I will probably not be adding many. However, they are a great addition to any article.

Link Dump

I'm not yet sure of what to do with the link dumps. One of the original admins had a tab system to lead to a separate page but placed them on the episode page anyway. For now I'm leaving them on the episode pages.


Last, but not least, Template:Navbox/Episodes should be used on the bottom of all episode articles.


In the near future a few things will have to be done with an admin account.

  • Delete pages with the 'Delete Template' on them.
  • Fix the very broken Main Page
  • Clean up any accounts that have never had any reason of being an admin.
  • Redo the theme colors. Brown is fine, they should just all match.

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